Important announcement regarding all the upcoming Cascade Township Meetings, effective May 1.

CUP 18-01 Milestone Materials Contact
Point of contact for Mathy/Milestone CUP 18-01: 
Mr. Casey Bauer, Area Manager, Milestone Materials

Township Building Official
Company: Construction Management Services of Rochester (CMS)
Location: 1700 Broadway Ave N Ste 128, Rochester, MN 55906
(507) 282-8206

Township Septic Inspector
Contact: Chris Priebe, Engineering Specialist
Company: G-Cubed Engineering - Surveying - Planning
Location: 14070 Highway 52 SE, Chatfield, MN 55923
507) 867-1666

Energy Assistance
Those residents needing energy assistance can inquire at 507-732-8554 or online 
click here and search for energy assistance.

Burning Permit Information:

Going forward Cascade Residents are asked to purchase burn permits through the DNR online system  -  Apply for a Burning Permit.  

Click here for DNR Burning Permit information by County and FAQ's

1)You may not conduct your burn until you have requested activation as instructed on your permit. You may activate on-line during your application process, or by calling 1-866-533-BURN(2876). You will receive an activation code that you must write on your permit in the space provided. 

 2) Contact your local fire department dispatcher at 507-285-8963 upon activation of your DNR-issued burning permit.

Cascade Township wishes to remind residents that plantings and landscaping must be kept out of the township road right of way. These right of ways and the road ditches are the drainage for storm water and must be kept free of plantings and blockages in order to help prevent damage to our roads and personal property.  If you are not sure where the road right of way is, please contact a board member for assistance

Dog Licensure
The Town of Cascade requires that all dogs shall be licensed and registered if over 6 months of age.  An annual Cascade license fee of $5.00 for 1 year or $10.00 for 2 years can be obtained from Cascade Township official licensing center at Northern Valley Animal Clinic, 1303 Alberta Drive, Rochester (282-0867).  NOTE: Please make sure the license obtained is a Cascade Township dog license and not a City of Rochester dog license. The dog owner must show a certificate from a qualified veterinarian showing that the dog to be licensed has been given a vaccination against rabies and is current.  For more detailed information about the Dog Ordinance, please refer to the Ordinance section of this web site



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