Cascade Township Canoe Landing

Did you know one of Minnesota’s state water trails runs through Cascade Township? It’s the Zumbro River State Water Trail.

In 2017, Cascade Township received a donation from Dover Firefighters Relief Association to build a canoe launch on the Zumbro River.  Late 2017, the Cascade Township Canoe Landing was created and opened to the public. The Canoe Landing is located off the 75th Street Bridge; off street parking is available to those utilizing the landing.   Rules regarding its use and hours of operation are stated below:
Cascade Township Canoe Landing



Roadside Mailboxes
For more information about Roadside Mailboxes and Mailboxes Policy, click: Roadside Mailboxes. To have a mailbox installed for an approximate cost of $200, contact:
Pat McGowan ~ Cascade Township Road Maintenance Supervisor

North Quarry Mining Operations Update

As Mining Operations at the North Quarry are underway, the following is provided at this time to facilitate contacting those identified to handle any complaints regarding operations in accordance with the conditions of Conditional Use Permit granted in 2018.  

Point of contact for Mathy / Milestone Materials:  Mr. Casey Bauer, Area Manager  (507) 288-7447

"All complaints should be directed to this number.  Once a complaint is received by Milestone Materials, we will promptly contact the complainant and Cascade Township.  We will then remedy the situation, if required, and provide Cascade Township with verification the complaint has been addressed.  This will include the nature of the complaint and the actions taken in response."  ~Mathy / Milestone Materials

Primary point of contact for Cascade Township Board of Supervisors:  Mr. Ordean (Dean) Hegrenes  (507) 269-0645  or email:

Complaints addressed to Mr. Bauer or to Mr. Hegrenes should include:  complainant name; contact information; nature of complaint; date; time; and, if in reference to a Conditional Use Permit violation, which condition is being referenced.  All complaints will be forwarded from Mr. Hegrenes and Mr. Bauer regarding the nature of the complaint and the actions taken in response.

Click here for the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for the North Quarry.

Township Building Official
Company: Construction Management Services of Rochester (CMS)
Location: 1700 Broadway Ave N Ste 128, Rochester, MN 55906
(507) 282-8206

Township Septic Inspector
Contact: Chris Priebe, Engineering Specialist
Company: G-Cubed Engineering - Surveying - Planning
Location: 14070 Highway 52 SE, Chatfield, MN 55923
507) 867-1666

Energy Assistance
Those residents needing energy assistance can inquire at 507-732-8554 or online 
click here and search for energy assistance.

  Burning Permit Information:

Going forward Cascade Residents are asked to purchase burn permits through the DNR online system  -  Apply for a Burning Permit.  

Click here for DNR Burning Permit information by County and FAQ's

1) You may not conduct your burn until you have requested activation as instructed on your permit. You may activate on-line during your application process, or by calling 1-866-533-BURN(2876). You will receive an activation code that you must write on your permit in the space provided. 

2) Contact your local fire department dispatcher at 507-285-8963 upon each activation of your DNR-issued burning permit.

Minnesota Association of Townships (MAT) Communications and Advocacy Tools
The Minnesota Association of Townships (MAT) communications and advocacy tools provides timely updates for township officials and the public, as well as a way to easily email to your House and Senate members on shared township legislative priorities. Both township officials and non-officials/constituents can sign up to receive text alerts and email alerts on timely legislative issues.

After personalizing the email and entering your address, the website’s program sends the email directly to your legislators. There is no need to look up any contact information, or type up your own email. It’s easy – and effective.  

Cascade Township wishes to remind residents that plantings and landscaping must be kept out of the township road right of way. These right of ways and the road ditches are the drainage for storm water and must be kept free of plantings and blockages in order to help prevent damage to our roads and personal property.  If you are not sure where the road right of way is, please contact a board member for assistance.

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